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As part of Vancouver Biennale's Artist-in-Residence program, Montreal-based artist Nathalie Quagliotto’s engaged citizens in dialogue via the distribution of tote bags in the heart of Vancouver on September 13 and 14, 2019. 


“The tote bags read SCARE on one side and CARE on the other to address problematic social encounters of the public in downtown settings. By wearing the bag, people can choose which side they want to show to others. The tote-bag project is also about what we carry around with us on a daily basis. The tote bags are a limited edition of 200, of which 150 are giveaways and 50 are given to the Biennale in support of future artist residencies.”


– Nathalie Quagliotto

"Carry Yourself" by Nathalie Quogliotto - Tote Bag

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