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Prizes & Discounts

Become actively engaged with beautiful public art all around your city! 

Using the hashtag #VanBiennale, share your fun photos and videos on social media for a chance to win prizes.


Twitter: @VanBiennale

Instagram: @Van_Biennale 

Facebook: /VancouverBiennale


Be sure to also check out our exclusive discounts from our community sponsors below.


Special Vancouver Chinatown Prize Giveaway

  • To enter the special Vancouver Chinatown Prize Giveaway, take a picture in front of the Millennium Gate when on your route! Make sure that in your photo, your BIKEnnale/WALKennale button is showing clearly, then share it on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook with the hashtags #VanBiennale #ChinatownYVR #VisitChinatown for a chance to win the prize.

  • The winners will be announced one week after the end of BIKEnnale/WALKEnnale, so you have all six weeks explore Chinatown’s many wonders and to enter the giveaway!

Exclusive Discounts

Access exclusive discounts from our community sponsors and partners on Sundays during August 2020 with proof of registration*

Access exclusive discounts from our community partners this summer with proof of registration* 

  • 15% off a 1-3 night stay at Time Square Suite Hotel between now and the end of August including 2 bike rentals. 


*Proof of registration: Eventbrite ticket, digital or printed, OR Limited edition BIKEnnale/WALKennale button

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