All registrants have access to 18 self-paced, GPS walking and cycling tours through 2020.

We've expertly curated self-guided tours for both walkers and cyclists. Use the information below to decide which full or partial section of a route you would like to walk or cycle.

  • ART Venture Routes: Geared towards families and individuals of any age, between 5-15km in distance, with cycle and walking infrastructure present along 95% of the routes. All ART Venture routes are walkable.

  • Tour de BIKEnnale Routes: Geared towards commuters, older families and experienced cyclists. Between 20-95km in distance, with cycle and walking infrastrcture present along most portions of the routes. Due to distance and terrain, there are no Tour de BIKEnnale Routes that are defined as fully walkable. Portions of Tour de BIKEnnale Routes can be walked (at your own risk).

Routes released on August 23

ART Venture: Murals, Mount Pleasant, and More

See a fantastic combination of some of the best Vancouver Biennale and Vancouver Mural Festival artwork. Cruise through colourful alleys and get to know the story behind every brushstroke.

Tour de BIKEnnale: Bikes, Beaches, and Biennale

Pack a towel for this ride 'cause it is sure to make a splash with all your cycling pals. You'll be passing not 3, not 4, but 5 different beaches as you go!

Routes released on August 16

ART Venture: The Best End Ride presented by West End BIA

Ride through Vancouver's West End to visit beaches, parks, art and more! Step into a 19th century late-Victorian home in a quiet spot among the towering structures of the city of glass.

Tour de BIKEnnale: The Lakes and Rivers Ride

This ride will take you to see some wonderfully natural areas along the Central Valley Greenway. You may want to pack a picnic as this ride is a bit longer, and bring a frisbee in case decide to take a break at one of the beautiful parks. NOTE: If you are riding this route during the weekend, Front Street is a great alternative route as it is closed to motor traffic.

Routes released on August 9

ART Venture: The Golden Roll

Rolling on the West Side, travel through distinctly beautiful areas, from the lavish and luxurious homes of Point Grey Rd to the sandy beaches of Jericho. Should you wish to go further, continue through Jericho Park over to Spanish Banks beach to see another Biennale installation: Public Furniture.

Tour de BIKEnnale: Olympic Village to Olympic Oval

This smooth ride will take you from the Olympic Village, down the Arbutus Greenway all the way to Richmond and back! Visit Burkeville, the Olympic Oval, and Queen Elizabeth Park along your way. CAUTION: This route has a few tricky spots where you will be sharing the road with motor vehicles so keep an eye out and stay safe!

Routes released on August 2

ART Venture: A Ride Through Time

This ride will take you through the transformation of the City's waterfront as it developed from the 1860 to present day. Check out the three museums at Vanier Park and learn about the 12,000 years of history of Sen̓áḵw.


Tour de BIKEnnale: The Kaleidoscopic Tour

Starting at the Museum of Vancouver, this route will take you to see multiple striking views of Vancouver while weaving in and out of neighbourhoods you've never bothered to explore. Ride through Stanley Park, Coal Harbour, Strathcona, and more.

Routes released on July 26

ART Venture: Terrific Trans Am Tour

Take a ride along False Creek and up to Chinatown. We guarantee you'll learn something new on this ride! See all the nooks and crannies with new eyes.


Tour de BIKEnnale: The A-maze-ing Route

This route is a great way to get familiar with many of the most popular Vancouver Biennale installations. Ride from Vanier Park over to the West End and through downtown. You'll see 7 different pieces along the way!

All BIKEnnale/WALKnnale routes will bring participants through routes situated on the traditional, unceded territories of the Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, and Skxwú7mesh Nations. Some of these lands include and are currently known as Locarno Beach, Jerricho Beach, Vanier Park, Kitsilano beach, Spanish banks, Granville Island, Sunset Beach, and English Bay. We are privileged to be here and are committed to the ongoing care of these lands with our host nations.